Gruppbild från Utöya med nordiska ekumeniska råd.

Uttalande från de nordiska kristna råden om kriget i Ukraina.
Nätverket har träffats i norska Sundvolden, 30/1-1/2 2023, och samlats kring föredrag och samtal om bland annat mission, migration och lokalekumenik.
Gruppen har också besökt Utøya under dagarna.

Nordic Ecumenical Message on the war in Ukraine:

We, the ecumenical secretaries of the Nordic region met in Sundvolden, Norway 30 January – 1 February 2023.

At our meeting we discussed the war in Ukraine and the role of churches. Together we want to express our horror and concern about the war and the targeting of civilians and critical infrastructure by Russian military. These are crimes against humanity violating international law.

As churches and ecumenical councils, we are both involved with partners in Ukraine and in welcoming and assisting Ukrainians in our respective countries. We urge the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church to speak up against the invasion of Ukraine and the cruelty that the Ukrainian people has experienced during the last year. It is our task as churches to follow Christ’s commission for love and peace and His compassion for the vulnerable.

We pray for a just peace in Ukraine and for an immediate end of the war. One year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we invite our fellow Christians in the Nordic region to unite in prayer for a just peace.        

In Christ,

The Nordic Meeting of ecumenical secretaries.

Foto: Gjermund Øystese, Norges Kristne Råd

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