Sveriges kristna råd skriver idag ett brev till det kristna rådet i Myanmar (Myanmar Council Of Churches) utifrån den dramatiska politiska händelseutvecklingen i landet. Svenska kyrkoledare och representanter från Sveriges kristna råd besökte för exakt tre år sedan Myanmar och gästade bland annat kyrkor och landets kristna råd.

Brev till
Myanmar Council Of Churches:

Stockholm February 2, 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Exactly three years ago, we had the great joy and privilege of visiting you. Church leaders and representatives from the Christian Council of Sweden had interesting, challenging and warm meetings with you in your great country, learning a lot about its coexisting diversities concerning ethnicity, culture and religion. The hospitality and love we were imbedded with, have followed us as nicest memories ever since.

Now learning about the recent alarming political developments in Myanmar, the Churches and Christians of Sweden are deeply concerned and worried.

Together with representatives from different churches of Sweden, we wish to express our strongest opposition to all kind of violence, hate, threat and coercion against Myanmar’s elected political leaders and civilians.

Being conscious that we cannot fully understand the complexity of the situation in your country, nor fully share your concern and pain, nevertheless as Christians we wish to submit all our concern and worries to the crucified and resurrected Christ, in whom all our human agonies, pains and wounds are healed.

We trust that the light is shining through the darkness and that love overcomes all hate.

Today, we mourn with you. We promise to keep you in our prayers, as a nation with its diversity of peoples and as our beloved sisters and brothers in Christ.

For the Christian Council of Sweden

Rev dr Björn Cedersjö
Interim General Secretary, Christian Council of Sweden

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