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Peace, security, defence

Författare Lars Ingelstam och Anders Mellbourn

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  • Produktionsår 2014
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Detta är den engelska versionen av ”Vägval, fred och säkerhet”.

The security situation has changed drastically since 1989. The iron curtain and the cold war no longer exist. International terrorism, cyber threats, conflicts related to climate and environment and ethnic divisions have been recognized as major threats. However, concrete politics and public discussion are still dominated by a traditional view of defence as a primarily military issue.

The two reports summarized in this booklet can be seen as a case study. How can Sweden reset its security policy in order to fit this new context? ”Shifting the balance” means putting more emphasis – and money – into meeting new forms of security challenges and above all into prevention and active peace-building.

After 2001 the global situation again became more problematic. International terrorism and the US-led war on terrorism escalated. During the last year Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the crisis in Ukraine have meant a worsening of the security situation. The authors argue that this gives even stronger reasons to pursue a policy for confidence building and violence prevention, directed towards the Baltic region as well as other arenas in our globalized world.

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