Ortrodoxa bönljus. Foto: Mikael Stjernberg.

Your Grace, dear Anba Abakir, beloved sisters and brothers of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Sweden,

Again we are shocked, terrified and disgusted by the insanity and cowardice of extremist religious groups and individuals, attacking people, who in their liturgical prayers peacefully include whole the world and creation, including these adversaries of humanity themselves.

Our prayers and sympathies are with the victims of this despicable act, as with the holy Coptic Orthodox Church, which incessantly bears witness, martyria, in its unbroken and uncompromising dedication to our Lord Jesus Christ.

With love in Christ!

On the behalf of the Christian Council of Sweden
Karin Wiborn, General Secretary
Misha Jaksic, Orthodox Coordinator


Den ortodoxa koptiska kyrkan i Alexandria är den äldsta av alla kristna samfund och grundades enligt kopterna av evangelisten Markus vars ben förvaras på platsen för söndagens attentat.
Omkring en tiondel av Egyptens 90 miljoner invånare tros vara kopter.

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