The member churches which meet within the Christian Council of Sweden, are divided into four church families.

The Council links the ministries and activities of the member churches together by arranging forums for exchanging ideas, creating networks, providing communication services, supporting in the development of ecumenism and coordinating joint activities. The Council is also a meeting place for the countries’ church leaders, who meet regularly for council meetings, church leader days and board meetings.

Member churches and observers

The Christian Council of Sweden has 27 member churches and three observing members:

The orthodox churches

• Antiochian Greek Orthodox church
• Armenian Apostolic Church
• Bulgarian Orthodox Church
• Eritrian Orthodox Church
• Ethiopian Orthodox Church
• Finnish Orthodox Church
• Greek Orthodox Church
• Coptic Orthodox Church
• Macedonian Orthodox Church
• Russian Orthodox Church (The Transfiguration of Christ Church)
• Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarch)
• Serbian Orthodox Church
• St. Selasse Ethiopian Orthodox Church
• Syrian Orthodox Church
• Assyrian Church of the East
• Old Church of the East

The Roman catholic Church

• The Catholic Diocese of Stockholm

Lutheran churches

• Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church
• Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church
• The Church of Sweden and the Swedish Evangelical Mission
• Hungarian Protestant Church

The free churches

• Interact
• Salvation Army
• Uniting Church (incorporating the Mission Covenant Church, The Baptist Union of Sweden and the Methodist Church)
• The Pentecostal Movement
• The Swedish Alliance Mission
• Vineyard Norden
• The Seventh Day Adventist Church (observer)
• Quaker (observer)
• Faith Movement (observer)