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Democracy, freedom and respect

18 maj, 2015 kl. 12:00 - 19:00

Religion and Society in Europe – Democracy, freedom and respect.

Recently, we have seen several acts of violence and terror in the name of religion
– also in Europe!Moreover, we have seen acts of protest and violence against
people based on their religious identity. What roles do religion play for cultural identity?
What can religious institutions do to work for peaceful coexistence and respect
among people with different cultural backgrounds and religious perspectives? How
can we sustain democracy and freedom of expression, and the freedom of and respect
for people with cultural identities that include religion as a significant dimension?

In conjunction with a European conference at the Sigtuna Foundation, we organize a
public program on present challenges as to religion and society in Europe. This program
is organized in collaboration between the Swedish Christian Council, the Swedish
Muslim Council, and the Sigtuna Foundation together with Oikosnet Europe, and the
RISECI and EFMRD projects.


Anas Altikriti Founder and president of the Cordoba Foundation in the UK, an
independent public relations, research and policy think tank promoting
intercultural dialogue and positive coexistence among civilisations,
ideas, cultures and people

Josep-Maria Carbonell Dean at Blanquerna School of Communications and International Relations at Ramon Llull University in Barcelona

Lamia Elamri Board member of the Swedish Muslim Council, Chair for Muslim
Women in Europe

Sofia af Geijerstam Communications Manager at the Sigtuna Foundation

Caroline Krook Chair of the Sigtuna Foundation, bishop emerita in Church of Sweden

Alf Linderman Executive Director of the Sigtuna Foundation, Associate Professor in the Sociology of religion at Uppsala University

Mia Lövheim Professor in the Sociology of religion at Uppsala University

Omar Mustafa Director of the study association Ibn Rushd, Chair of the Islamic
Association in Sweden

Mona Sahlin National Coordinator against violent extremism, previous leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party

Ute Steyer Rabbi of the Jewish Community in Stockholm

Karin Wiborn General Secretary of the Swedish Christian Council

Organizing institutions

Christian Council of Sweden, The Muslim Council of Sweden and The Sigtuna Foundation.

More information (PDF)

Religion and Society in Europe2015


18 maj, 2015
12:00 - 19:00
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